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7377Re: [Marbling] Turkish paint brushes - rosewood?

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  • Sinan Yahoo
    Mar 5, 2014
      Dear Cecile,

      I am going to Turkey on march 12 then i will be back may 16 if you interested i may buy for you and when i get back i may send you. (Ofcourse if you do not have time problem)

      Mehmet Sinan Akdeniz

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      On Mar 5, 2014, at 10:21 AM, Cécile Evers  <cecile.evers@...> wrote:


      Dear all,

      Thank you to Mr. Kileci for his reply. Does anyone else know of any purveyors of traditional rosewood brushes (of different sizes) in the US or via the internet? Or a store in Turkey that might ship to the US?

      Many thanks,

      2014-02-01 4:12 GMT-05:00 Refii Kileci <refii@...>:

      Www.roumi. nl    for marbling materials in nederlands

      31 Oca 2014 23:47 tarihinde "Cecile Evers" <cecile.evers@...> yazdı:


      Dear Ebru artists,

      Another student of Ebru looking for a tip. Could someone kindly point me to a store or a website in the US or in Europe that sells those Turkish paint brushes made of rosewood (or other Ebru brushes)? I can only seem to find them on Turkish websites, none of which appear to ship to the US.

      Many thanks!

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