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Re: [Marbling] Plant dyes

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       I have had a class on natural dyes (so much to learn) and done some reading.  As near as I can tell, natural dyes are dissolved in water, and as such, would just disperse into the marbling bath.  Fiber reactive and acid dyes do that as well. But I think it is a great idea!  Paints have a binder to hold the pigment, and so, will float under the "right" conditions.

       Caryl Hancock in snowy and cold Indianapolis, Indiana

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      I usually crush and powder my paints from ground and soils and minerals.The only plant we use is indigo .
      I tried French Lavendern but it didn't work.They are only good  when you paint papers.Good luck.Nihan Büyüksezer

      On Tuesday, January 21, 2014 6:44 AM, "jjodrey@..." <jjodrey@...> wrote:
      Does anyone have experience using natural plant dyes for marbling? It's something I'd really like to try. If you have any sources or information, they would be very much appreciated.
      Thank you,

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