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7340Re: [Marbling] couple of answers

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  • Sharon Gellerman
    Jan 9, 2014

      Thank you sue.

      On Jan 9, 2014 12:16 AM, "Sue Cole" <akartisan@...> wrote:

      I guess I forgot to include the link the other day.  This is a new kind of enamel marbling process imported from Germany to the US:


      These are dropped onto plain water.  There is another type of marbling enamel that is used with a borax solution to marble guitars.  If you put marbled guitars or swirled guitars in the search box of youtube, you'll find several.

      they mainly do solid objects, rather than wood or paper.  The fingernail marbling is done with fingernail polish, but you have to work VERY quickly because it dries as soon as it hits the air.

      Check with Diane Maurer about her book.  She may still have one or two copies of her book, and yes she was talking bout marbling with oil paints, not enamel paints



      swirl or marble painting a guitar body with Testors or Humbrol Enamel paints – use borax in the water.


      has several videos on swirling guitar bodies.

      Alert icon            his remarks:  “I was bored one weekend, so i decided to buy a new guitar and swirl paint it. It is a fairly simple process, all you need to do is: mix 2 1/3 cups of borax with 25 gallons of water at 80-85 degrees, add a little bit of enamel paint, swirl, and then dip the guitar in. “


      Alexis America – marbling that looks like ocean waves.  Site has not been updated

      I'm the research type so keep all these references in a Word document so I can find them again.


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