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  • Mary Shilman
    Jan 7, 2014
      I believe there was a marbler in Washington state (in the 1970s) who marbled with enamels, that it was a dangerous process because of the solvents involved, that his work sparked some controversy because of that, and that he died at a young age.  His story may be referred to in an early "Ink and Gall"(not Christopher Weimann).  Does that ring any bells with anyone? 

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      Sorry!  I have seen fingernails "marbled" with nail polish - google it, maybe youtube? They floated the polish - 2 or 3 colors - on water (don't remember and am not sure) and then dipped each finger through the swirls.

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      Hi Caryl,

      Not oil paints, enamel paints...car paint, nail polish are enamels, oil paints are oil paints used for fine art work. 
      Thanks! Kathy

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       If by "enamels," you mean oil colors, Diane Maurer has a chapter on that in her "Ultimate Book of Marbling," which very sadly is out of print
      Caryl Hancock, Indianapolis

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      Thanks Sue!
      Since we're on the topic, might anyone have a source of marbling with enamel's?? Process, safety? Thank you.


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