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7232RE: [Marbling] Your List of Cornerstone Marblers

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  • 黒田隆二
    Oct 20, 2013

      Dear Barb Skoob

      I am a Suninagashi And Suimonga artist in Japan.

      Please see http://www5e,biglobe.ne.jp/~kuroda

      If you think that Suminagashi and Suimonga are one of styles of Marbring,  please register my name and

      Suminagashi and Suimonga on your list.




      Takaji Kuroda

      3-21-12 Higashinakano,nakano-ku







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      Hello Marbling Friends,


      I’m looking for some feedback/input from the group which I can share with my students. When I teach, I always have a handout that includes the names/websites of marblers I consider to be anchors for the art form ~ people who have left an indelible mark on marbling and not only have put marbling on the map (through publications or exposure) but also who are committed to the evolution and innovation of the art form. My goal in guiding students to other marblers is to expose them to a wide variety of marbling styles as well as raise awareness of marbling as an art form.


      I would love to hear from all of you who you think are the “beacons” of marbling (both in the US and abroad) as well as today’s “rising stars.” For example, just a few of the names I have on my list include (in no particular order of significance): Christopher Weimann, Tom Leech, Iris Nevins, Mimi Schleicher, Patti Schleicher, Galen Barry, Hikmet Burutcugil, Diane Maurer, Don Guyot, and Antonio Vélez Celemín. I also include Jake Benson as a marble art historian and John Ang Cheng Siew as this group’s coordinator.


      Please chime in and let me know who you would put on a list of cornerstone marblers. You’ll notice I am sorely unversed in the international scene so any help here would be abundantly appreciated!


      And finally, I also give my students a list of marbling suppliers (both Galen Barry and Iris Nevins are on that list). If you sell supplies and would like to be included, please forward your information on to me.


      Many thanks and I look forward to your responses.



      Barb Skoog


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