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7231A question about papers and paints for applying to other surfaces

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  • cherry_hill_drive
    Oct 20 5:36 PM
      Hi, all,  

      I am primarily a fabric marbler who has played occasionally with paper. Most of the papers I have used are Lana Laid or the papers from Colophon (sulphite, I think).  I have used Goldens, Liquitex, Pro-Chemical's, and other craft paints on methylcel. I gave a friend some papers for her to use to cover boxes. She is having trouble getting the papers to bend around corners without the paint cracking and peeling.  Perhaps the paints were applied to the paper too thickly.  Are there solutions to this problem, and if so, what?  And if I print new papers for her, what should I do differently?

      Many thanks in advance.

      Caryl Hancock, Indianapolis