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7227Re: [Marbling] Re: dyeing on silk

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  • Laura Sims
    Oct 14, 2013

      You are right, working color on color is fantastic and full of surprises... a hands on color theory class.  You may also like Golden's Titan Buff and ochre from their inorganic pigments.  The Titan is an off white that has a softer look and is also good for adding to other paints to make them more opaque.  If you are not using Iridescent Fine metallics they show up nicely on colored backgrounds.  You may need to add a little Flow Release directly to your paint mix to help it spread and be sure to stir before every use since the mica sinks pretty fast.

      I enjoyed your website.  My website is 2 years out of date...ugh.  I look forward to changing that soon.


      On Sunday, October 13, 2013 3:56 PM, George Reynolds <georger1998@...> wrote:
      Thanks for the great info on Dyeing. For those of you out there in Marbling Land who have not tried pre dyed scarves (or fabric in general) its well worth experimenting with because it expands the possible color palette beyond anything I have been able to achieve with white scarves. The main reason is that different acrylic paints behave very differently on top of a background color. Some can blend with the background color to produce surprising rich colors. Some however are essentially opaque and so jump out in very interesting ways. Titanium White for example is opaque so is not diluted by the background color and so can provide a beautiful high-lite to an interesting design. Pyrole Red also is fairly opaque. Other colors vary in their "transparency" so the result can be very surprising and I don't claim to have learned how to control this in any consistent way. All this requires some trial and error so try to do some experiments on paper before trying it on silk. Fair warning though: silk behaves differently than paper so the paper results will only be a hint. Take the dive and be ready to donate some scarves to your local craft fair seconds sale. 

      To see some examples you can go to the scarf section of my website


      It's not exactly up to date but you will get the idea. 

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