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7189RE: craft paint and GAC 900

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  • Sue Cole
    Jul 5, 2013
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      I've used several different brands of acrylic paints, both high and low
      priced and have had success with most of them. The cheaper ones are more
      opaque, but I use them as "fillers" for the blank spaces. I used to just
      leave blank spaces in the marbling pattern, which looks fine on paper, but
      on the silk scarves, it leaves a transparent spot, so I started using
      white, pink and yellow for the spaces.

      I tried GAC 900, but didn't see any difference, so quit using it since it's
      expensive. It's supposed to give a better "hand" to the fabric, but I
      didn't experience that.

      I DO iron my scarves and spray them lightly with "size" while ironing to
      make them feel like new fabric again after the marbling.

      I've seen some people selling their scarves all wrinkled without ironing
      them and I think it looks tacky personally, like they'd just pulled them
      all rumpled out of their dresser drawer and hung them up.

      Right now, I'm experiment with Dye-na-flow for both silk painting and
      dyeing effects. I'm also going to try it for marbling. I'm also pre-dying
      some scarves plain with colors before marbling. Last year, I took some
      marbled ones that I didn't like and over dyed them and they looked much

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