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7173Adhesive tape. Seonds.

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  • hamburgerbuntpapier_de
    Jun 29, 2013
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      Adhesive tape:
      Place the paper flat on the table, weigh it down (you need both hands later). Turn on your blow dryer at lowest heat, let the air gently waft over the paper. After a few seconds the tape should be warm and soft. Try to gently and slowly take it off with the blow dryer still blowing. If it doesn't work, slip a sharp, thin knife unter the tape to lift it.

      The longer you marble, the more critical you are about your results. In the long run you'll have enough wrapping paper, note paper, shopping list paper, to do list paper etc to last you a life time, with an ever growing heap of seconds and thirds to make the kindergarten next door and your customers happy.
      It's part of the job and part of the fun!

      Susanne Krause
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