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7171got a book in the mail....

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  • Esdehority
    Jun 29, 2013
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      So I am a beginning marbler. I am making progress, but each paper or piece of fabric that isn't a disaster is precious, precious... I have used my new papers for covers and endpapers for three books, and the fabrics are still pinned up just to be admired.

      I had checked out from the library two of Iris Nevins' books, and found them valuable and decided to purchase copies of my own through Amazon. One was used, from a regular used book seller, but the other came directly from Ms. Nevins herself.

      (please forgive the caps, they are intentional)


      Ms. Nevins, took a BIG piece of multicolored marbled paper (I am still limited to 9 by 15 inch sheets that fit in my cookie pan) and wrapped the book in it, put tape on it (yes, put packing tape RIGHT ON THE MARBLING!!!) , put the address on it....

      I sliced the edge as carefully as I could, to preserve every inch of paper that didn't have writing taped to it...

      Several thoughts as I admire this post packaging that now sits on my coffee table
      1. Iris Nevins is an amazing artist
      2. What a gift to all the post office folks, to send such a pretty parcel through the mail!
      3. I just can't imagine marbled paper being such an expendable commodity that I could wrap stuff in it, but I guess if I keep up my practicing, I will eventually have enough pieces not intended for a particular project that I could use them for other things...

      still amazed at this package.... I wonder if there's any way I could safely get the packing tape off to salvage even more of the paper?????

      Elizabeth in NC
      (Charlotte, in response to an email from another North Carolinian... I would be happy to wander over to Asheville/Black Mountain to get together... )

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