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  • Barb
    Jun 28, 2013
      Hi Kelly,

      Welcome to marbling! And congrats on diving in and giving it a whirl.

      If you could let us know which artist/piece inspired you, that would help us figure out what the artist is doing and perhaps interpret for you. My personal experience with craft paints has been catastrophic, however, I know some of the best marblers (ie Iris Nevins) can work with them wonderfully. Perhaps I'm not patient (or experienced) enough. Regardless, I avoid them like the plague and have great success with the Golden and Liquitex brands.

      My bath always starts out clear. Always. I've never heard of a carrageenan bath starting out any other way. Perhaps it's a different kind of seaweed extract? Or "dirty" carrageenan? I've purchased carrageenan from a few different suppliers but I now only get it from Galen Barry at marbleart.us ~ I love his product, never had a problem with it. With inexperienced marblers, sometimes the bath gets muddy after a while because their paints are not mixed properly ~ but it always starts out clear. Hmmmm...

      Or maybe it's your water? Are you using tap or distilled? Tap can have funky things in it that may be reacting with your carrageenan.

      And finally, the longer your work sits on your bath, the more it degrades. Perhaps the artist you're speaking of works much faster than you...thus less breaking up?!

      These are all just guesses...welcome to the world of marbling!



      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "Kelly" <kellyjustinkids@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I'm brand new to marbling. I've spent the last month reading online, trying different things and spending WAY too much money on trial and error learning! So far the only thing I know for sure is that this is the most "organic" and uncontrollable art form I've ever experienced. Which is both wonderful and frustrating! Now that I'm starting to get some results that I like it's mostly wonderful though.
      > There is one point I'm still stuck on though and I was hoping someone could give me some advice. The thing that inspired me to start marbling was this one woman's work. I accidentally ran across a photo of her work online and loved it. She does these large (some look up to 18") concentric rings that end up looking almost like growth rings in a tree. The rings are so fine and close together, but when I try to get this effect my rings start breaking up. I know I'm not using the best paint, just craft acrylics, so do you think that is my only problem? or do you think she's using Suminagashi Ink? I'd love some advice from experienced marblers before I go out and spend any more on supplies :)
      > Also just out of curiosity, in a lot of the videos I've watched people have a clear bath. Mine is very muddy looking even before I use it. I use carageenan, and it seems to be working fine, it would be nice though to be able to see the colors better though before putting it on paper. Or maybe it would just kill some of the adventure in the process! Who knows :)
      > Thanks,
      > Kelly
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