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7165RE: [Marbling] introduction, question

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  • Kath Thomas
    Jun 28, 2013
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      Dear Elsje,

      Have done silk painting with dyes before and loved it, but difficulty with
      introducing dyes or inks to silk is the migration which just goes off and
      does its own thing and difficult to control. If you can stop the migration
      you should get clear images from the bath on the silk. I can't remember the
      name of the stuff that you have to use to stop the dye flow. But you might
      try that and see how it works - go to Jacquard site about resists
      http://www.jacquardproducts.com/resists.html . And send them an email
      asking about what to use.

      Kath Thomas

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      Dear Elsje,

      I marbled suminagashi on silk for one of the limited edition books I printed
      and published: Suminagashi-zome. I used the same high quality sumi ink that
      I use on paper and was careful not to swish the wet cloth around too much
      when I rinsed it in a bucket of clear water. The suminagashi lines were
      silver and very beautiful. If you want black lines, though, I can't help

      It's true that suminagashi was used on clothing in Japan. Tokutaro Yagi,
      author of Suminagashi-zome, talks about making the marbled cloth for yakatas
      and umbrellas among other items. He was a commercial marbler at the
      beginning of the twentieth century. There's a copy of Suminagash-zome in the
      national library in The Hague.

      Good luck,
      Robin Heyeck

      On Jun 27, 2013, at 2:39 PM, elsje wrote:

      > Hi to all,
      > I am Elsje van der Ploeg from Holland.
      > I do marbling since 1990 as a hobby, first marbling, than suminagashi and
      now also ebru.
      > My friend Yusuf and I combinate suminagashi and ebru.
      > You can see our work on http://sumi-ebru-marbling.blogspot.nl/
      > question:
      > My question is about suminagashi (blach-white) on silk.
      > Can one of you tell me the name of the right sumi to bring on silk?
      > Has anyone experienced it ? I have heard about kimono-dress in Japan with
      > thanks and happy marbling
      > xxxelsjevanderploeg

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