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7145Re: seeking dark paper

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  • Ginny Moreland
    Jun 21, 2013
      I echo the recommendation of Canson Mi Tientes - lots of delicious
      colors. Marbles nicely though a bit thicker than I like for some
      purposes. If you live near a city of any size you may be able to find
      these in art supply or craft stores. Even in Hickory, Hobby Lobby
      carried them. Good to see the colors in person, though you may find
      cheaper prices online.
      The other black paper I adore is Hahnemuhle Ingres
      <http://www.dickblick.com/products/hahnemuhle-ingres-paper/> , which
      also comes in off-whites and several muted colors. The paper is German
      made and easy to work with. It almost never gives me an air bubble and
      wraps around boards nicely. (Can stretch if it gets very damp with
      glue.) I order it from Dick Blick, but if anyone has found an even
      cheaper source, please let us know. Hahnemulhle will let you mix and
      match colors for the bulk discount on the Blick site. I've experimented
      with their other colors, but the only ones I regularly use are the dark
      blue-green and orange (which is more of a marigold color.) Be sure to
      use some metallic paints on your black paper!
      I'm now in Black Mountain, near Asheville. Are you in the western part
      of the state?
      Ginny Moreland

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, Esdehority wrote:
      > hi, I have been marbling mostly on texoprint and fabric, but I would
      like to try it on dark colored paper, preferably text weight or just a
      little heavier. cost isn't really an issue, but i need sometning that
      if appropriately alumed will teuly hold the paint. (and not fall
      apart..... intact is good.
      > any suggestions? or dare I even ask for detailed reviews and where to
      > thanks,
      > Elizbaeth in NC

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