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7085You are all such a wealth of information!

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  • Esdehority
    May 18, 2013
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      Your insights and the links you;ve posted, plus the books i've gotten through library loan (some fabulous out of print ones) are really helping.

      All my little boys and my sweet husband have enjoyed helping and watching me get so excited about this new-to-me art.

      I have read about a variety of classes and workshops and especially about artists who will do one day or one weekend private study....

      If you could take just a couple of days away from a busy family to really learn the very beginnings of marbling.... thinking you were not an absolute beginner, but had been self taught, so probably learned lots of things the wrong way :-) which teacher or course is

      the best

      the most fun

      leaves you most inspired to keep on learning

      will teach absolutely solid fundamentals before adding newer stuff

      .... price is not really an issue, location is important though, in that it would be helpful to be near an airport.

      Any suggestions?

      Elizabeth in NC

      (and I got the nicest email offer of help from someone here IN north carolina, but can't find it... can you resend?


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