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7084Re: [Marbling] suminagashi inks question

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  • cherry_hill_drive
    May 16, 2013
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      My experience with the the calligraphy inks is that they must be the waterproof ones, otherwise they just disperse into the bath. The acrylic inks work pretty well - the pearlescent ones are yummy on dark papers.
      My hunch for the reinkers and the pigment ink is that they will disperse into the bath; I have used pigment dye for marbling.

      Caryl in Indianapolis

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      Subject: [Marbling] suminagashi inks question

      hi, friends,

      I am having fun with the Boku Undu sumi inks, but want to add colors without mixing so much... i found some calligraphy inks at the craft store which don't seem to work well even with photoflo... then I found Liquitex Professional Acrylic inks at the art store. The person at the counter said they would work, but I'm not sure she actually knew what I was asking. Has anyone had success with these for Sumi , or even regular marbling for that matter?

      Also, how about the pigment ink or dye ink reinkers for stamp pads? Do they work?


      Elizabeth in NC

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