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7080ebooks. There is one marbling book for Kindle....

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  • Esdehority
    May 14, 2013
      My old kindle doesn't do color, so even if there were color illustrations, it wouldn't be helpful, but I got the book just to support the concept.

      Elizabeth in NC

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      free download of Ebru Sanati book � 103 pages all in Turkish or Arabic.

      I just checked and this is still available for downloading. I have printed
      it out and have tried unsuccessfully to find someone here to help me
      translate parts of it. We have a very international University here, but
      when I talked to someone, it said it was a dialect problem or something.
      It has lots of photos in it.

      Maybe you could use this as part of your project. I tried to use Google to
      translate it, but because it's so huge, it wouldn't do it. Maybe if I
      downloaded a page at a time or something.

      Let me know if you come up with any solutions. Someone put this on the
      group sometime ago.


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