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7067Re: An online marbling manual?

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  • theryart
    May 12, 2013
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      You are so right! I don't know why someone hasn't come forth and proposed to "translate" a printed book on marbling to an e-book. Thank you for this idea.
      I enjoy belonging to this group and hearing of everyone's exploits. It's my small link to the act of marbling. I love marbling and used to do it whenever I could but lately I have other issues to deal with. However I do have the time to devote to such an enterprise and what I consider a worthy cause.
      I plan to do the research to see what the legal aspects are to turn a already printed book and also those that are out of print into an e-book. But I do also like the idea of making a source of compilation of noted authors into one volume. To this end I would appreciate your thoughts (and anyone else)as to what you like to see covered in such a book.
      Are you primarily interested in what is available, information-wise, or newer suggestions, information and personal results?

      If any one has doubts about my good intentions, I would not use anyone's information without permission, and I am willing to share any monetary gains.This is not primarily to be a money making adventure (though that would be nice) but it is my selfish desire to compile and share; to use MY skills to fill a needed niche.
      P.S. My other thought would be to offer my services to those who already have great marbling books out in print, to covert them into e-books.
      Thanks, Thery.

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "anthonianthonianthoni" <anthonianthonianthoni@...> wrote:
      > It has struck me as of late, that the texts on marbling that carry the most detail are in print form. This is a great pity, as the beginner who is interested in this process is often frustrated by vague, or ambigious instructions. Indeed, the process of marbling on Irish moss, or similar mediums is getting increasingly rare.
      > The greater part of the knowledge of marbling is secreted in the form of books. These books are getting increasingly rare. Indeed, Woolnough is getting much like the phoenix, much quoted, often rhapsodised, but most elusive. Hardly any copies come to sale, and when they do, they fetch the most excessive prices, even for the reprints Books of a more recent date are also suffering the same fate. This does not leave the beginner much to work with. Indeed, many of the instructions do not concern themselves with the making of the various patterns. This may be good in some cases, but there is a certan appeal of the old patterns that makes some wish to reproduce them, a task that is very probably doomed to frustration.
      > These things are getting increasingly rare , and while there may be pockets of such info here and there, no-one has gathered them in one place. Perhaps it in now time to gather up all this knowledge, and create an online manual of this art- acessable to all, with reliable information that may be updated to fit the latest developments in the art. Furthermore with the greatly skilled marblers on this board,we may perhaps achieve a most enduring legacy for later generations of marblers.
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