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  • Esdehority
    May 10 9:29 PM
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      I am a new beginner, marbling daily for a week now. I am starting to be able to see how the colors work and how they can be moved, I am starting to recognize how it all comes together.

      Tonight I got my leftover size out of the fridge, poured it into the tray,skimmed it, and sprinkled my paints, combed them, printed it, rinsed it, and it really worked! Just like the picture on the top of page 15 of Galen Berry's book, the example of terrible beginner marbling... but IMHO it was marbled, the paint stuck, and there is definite improvement.

      But here's my question - after I made a few more prints, the paints started to sink more and spread less. I can only assume this was because the size was approaching room temperature? How can I fix this for next time? I would like to be able to make more than two prints per session....

      Also, besides Galen Berry's book, what other books and DVDs should I have? (not including the 300 dollar ones that are out of print that I have on reserve at the library :-)


      Elizabeth in NC

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