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  • Nancy Akerly
    Apr 3, 2013
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      Kim, may I send you some handouts I use when I teach my classes? Yes, it is an S movement with the Peacock, but an S with the front pins, while the back pins complete the S to make an 8. Hope the pages help. I will send them in two emails as they are memory intensive.

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      On Apr 3, 2013, at 9:19 PM, "KimH" <kahether@...> wrote:

      > Before I ask my question(s), I want to say thank you to all who have offered me suggestions. I've taken them all under consideration, and in most cases have implemented many of them. It has really helped.
      > Okay, my question. I am trying to replicate some traditional patterns and rather than getting the traditional, I get something rather unique. I would like to have some actual success in getting what I am trying for. I have a few examples and questions.
      > When I am going for the stone or rock look, I cover the area with a base color or two, then as I add the "rocks" the initial splatter of paint usually spreads very far and creates an area of very large "rocks" while the rest of the design has a moderate smattering of rocks and pebbles. How do I avoid that first splatter spreading like mad and the subsequent splatters (of the same exact color) giving nice moderate sized rocks and pebbles?
      > Next, and last, question. I am trying for a Peacock or Bouquet pattern and I get...I don't know what I get, it is just not either the Peacock or Bouquet. When I get to using the Bouquet comb, I am not sure of the movement down the tray. Is it more like a block movement, back and forth down the tray - or is it more like an "s" movement down the tray. Or is it neither of those? I've tried both and I am doing something very wrong because I don't get the pattern. Can someone describe the motion to me, or link me to a video that would help?
      > Thanks so much!
      > Kim

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