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7032Re: Applying Alum

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  • George Reynolds
    Mar 26, 2013
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      Well I use a slightly different approach which works every time. I often use Canson 140 lb Watercolor Aquarelle. You can get it in packs of 30 sheets for $1 per sheet and Michaels has been selling them 1/2 price lately. But I use the same approach for all paper. Soooo for the Alum I lay it flat on a table and mist it quite thoroughly and wipe over it from top to bottom with a sponge that I use only for Alum and keep it sealed so it stays wet. Then I hang the paper to dry often with heavy paper clips on the bottom so it dries flat. This takes about an hour in my basement. Then I put it under some weighted boards (with other dried Alumed paper) so it gets very flat. I have used paper that has been stored for weeks and it works fine. Try to have a light opposite where you are working so you can see any places the wiping missed and make sure those spots are covered.

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