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702marbling on the silk-road

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  • uygur13@turk.net
    Aug 28, 2001
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      to whom it may concern,
      during the 4th gathering in istanbul,many friends were told that Ebru
      Art was originated in central asia.(they must have heard it through
      the grapewine)
      On the final day I suggested that we organize the 5th,on the silk
      road close to the roots and probable source :Magical Marbling Mystery
      Tour on the Silk Road.From Buhara,Semerkand,Alma Ata and Urumqi-
      Madamme Duc is still asking me from England whether she missed the
      Magic Bus.At the time it was a far fetched idea,but it almost became
      true and alas we had to postpone it.(God willing it will happen)
      By the way it will be 'Marblers,Calligraphers and Papermakers
      Gathering' as these arts are related.
      Mr.Benson,I'm very impressed with your accumulated knowledge on this
      subject,though I'm not a marbler on paper (if it counts I marble with
      hot glass and glassmakers have inspired -probably- marblers into
      combed design) nor a scholar in its history.I thought it is my duty
      to supply friends like yourself with crumbs of information that I
      come across.
      Paper historian Pan Jixing published a book in 1998 on The History of
      Science and Technology:History of Paper. On page 165 and 171 there is
      mention of 'Marble paper'.This gentleman is also a consultant for
      Paperroad Tibet.If you reach,my soul brother Tom Leech and through
      him Mrs.Jane Farmer you may ask through her,unfortunately my Chinese
      is at the beginners level,though I have a command of 5 languages I
      left Chinese because somehow my fatherland is in today's China,it was
      not long long time ago ...
      You were right in saying facts count more than rumour and
      hearsay.Please,if it was not for rumours Sven Hedin,Aurel Stein,Paul
      Pelliot,A.von le Coq,Grunwedel,Otani,Russians would not have been
      able to find what they did (and took as souvenirs) in the dunes of
      Taklamakan and Gobi.It is a pity that I have to travel to at least
      13 countries to research my own history about Uygurs and Central
      Asia.Could this be why the western man knows more about us than we
      No hard feelings though,C'est la vie and past is past.
      I believe the future is pregnant to a lot of marbling news from
      Xinjiang area,
      I salute every artist and craftsman/woman who have dedicated
      themselves to what they are doing,may God bless them with good health
      and a lot of inspiration,
      cordially yours,
      Oguz Han Tugrul at 5.55 AM ARTISTANBUL Headquarters