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7013Tiger eye

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  • leroymarbling
    Mar 7 5:56 PM
      Does anyone know what to add to paint to produce a tiger's eye pattern? The paint I have is 5 parts GAC 900, 5 parts golden acrylics paint, and 3 parts distilled water with a bit of ox gall, and the size I am using is methylcellulose, but I plan to change to carrageenan eventually. I produced a black by adding a bit of sumi ink that I ground myself from a stick(sense their carbon black paint wont float. I also do sumi-e painting) to a dark grey I mixed from the primary colours, and this is what I would like to make the tigers eye solution from, if possible. I've been starting to marble shirts, and would like to be able to make the tiger eyes on shirts, if this is possible.
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