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6992Marbling, Paste Papers, Texoprint, & Whatnot

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  • KimH
    Feb 22, 2013
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      I wrote a while back about my terrible first experience marbling by myself. Good news - I am willing to try again. I've found someone locally who has experience in marbling and is willing to help me. I'm going to incorporate all the tips that were given to me. Make my carageenan a little bit thicker, use higher quality acrylics (I purchased Golden Fluid Acrylics), make my alum stronger - and let dry completely, and try different paper. I got an unbuffered ream of paper from Talas and I ordered some of the Texoprint from Galen Berry in OK. I'm going to try both. So, I am very optimistic that I will have some great marble papers to use in projects soon.

      I do have one question, has anyone ever done paste paper on the Texoprint? If so, is there anything special I should know? Any comments are appreciated.

      Kim (in Colorado)
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