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6964scarf tank

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  • Sue Cole
    Jan 4, 2013
      the pvc pipe tank and scarf drying rack I found in a couple of books on
      marbling. I would have to look through them to find them again Also, I
      believe it's Pat K Thomas that uses one, she might send in a photo of hers.

      The clip "helper" idea I got from the photos on Lucille Scelfo's website.
      I first used clothespins, buyt they were rough and snagged on the scarves
      and broke easily. Later, I used some plastic and metal clamps I got from
      Home Depot in a bag of 11 clamps for $11.00 - all different sizes. Those
      have worked much better.

      I'm not sure how Lucille does it, but I clamp one end of the scarf to the
      clamps, wrap the other end around the back of my neck for a minute to keep
      it out of the way, then stretch and put the far end down, the QUICKLY
      unhook the clamped end and put that down. I say quickly, because as soon
      as you let go of the loose end, the scarf starts to move down towards the
      other end and if I take too long, I get "hesitation" marks. I'm probably
      the only one that knows what they are, but i don't like them to be in the
      finished scarf.

      you can see the helper in the 3rd photo here:

      She has told me she uses paints by Pro-Chem which are pre-mixed to do her

      I can't find the photo of the pvc pipe tank right now, but you just use
      elbows for the corners and short pieces of pipe for the two ends, then use
      a reinforcing piece of elbow and pip in the middle of the longer sides.

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