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6958Re: [Marbling] scarf tank

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  • Zia Gipson
    Jan 3, 2013
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      Would you please post a photo of your PVC tank and clip device. Would help a great deal. Thanks

      On Jan 3, 2013, at 2:26 PM, Sue Cole <akartisan@...> wrote:

      > you'll probably get several answers to this, but I would think a steel tank
      > would be expensive, plus heavy to work with. I have found a small wet/dry
      > vacuum that works perfectly for emptying the tank, other people have a hole
      > with a cork or spigot built into the end. Mine is about 2-3" larger all
      > around than the largest scarf I plan to use. otherwise, you have problems
      > with it hitting the sides and not printing there.
      > Mine is wood lined with heavy 6 mil plastic that is doubled and stapled
      > down, you could also tape it with duct tape which I used to do and still
      > tape the sides down.
      > Other people use pvc pipe lined with the doubled plastic which is easier to
      > use and store and you can put it together in different sizes. Right now I
      > have several wooden ones built to acommodate different sizes of fabric, for
      > instance 26" square for bandannas which are 22" square and one that is 38"
      > square for a 36' square piece of material and my scarf tank is 16" by 7'
      > long. My drying rack is pvc pipe with horizontal pipes that I can move
      > around or you can use a diaper drying rack or clothesline.
      > If I were starting again now, I would make all the tanks out of pvc pipe
      > that you could take apaprt. The wood ones take up a lot of room to store
      > them when I'm not using them.
      > I usually use a human helper to hold the other end of the scarf, but I also
      > built a wooden "helper" with 2 clamps on it on the scarf tank for when I am
      > alone.
      > HTH
      > Sue
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