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  • irisnevins
    Dec 31, 2012
      Yes, this is true. I have done this when out of ox gall. However it is VERY strong usually (By the way I tried some "pure" brands like Dr. Bronner, and it didn't work at all!) so I dilute a few drops, maybe 5 into 1/2 cup water, THEN use as ox gall would be used.

      Iris Nevins

      On 12/31/12, Sohail Akhtar<sohail_7000@...> wrote:

      hi. i m sohail sohail from karachi pakistan. � for floating color u can add any dishwasing detergin in color few drops it will flow better. use it then email me. � sohail_7000@... thanks.

      From: KimH <kahether@...>
      To: Marbling@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, December 31, 2012 8:00 AM
      Subject: [Marbling] Sigh

      I just finished my first attempt, alone, at marbling. I didn't have great success, but it wasn't a complete failure either. I have some comments and questions.

      I mixed the alum according to instructions - 2 Tablespoons per pint hot water. I let that cool and then sponged (wet but not soaking) with overlapping strokes onto Arches Textwove. I laid all papers in the same direction between two press boards while they dried.

      The carrageenan was also mixed according to instructions. Two tablespoons per gallon, mixed in batches by blender. I left the carrageenan to sit overnight.

      The paint - horrible results. I thinned acrylic, with distilled water, to a consistency of thin cream - or milk. It didn't float on the carrageenan, so I added more water. That didn't work, so I added some photo-flo. That didn't help either. I didn't know if I should keep adding water or photo-flo until the paint floated on the surface. I ended up using some acrylics that were in a small marbling kit with very mixed results. The other paints never floated or spread on the surface.

      Also, the alum did not seem to take on the paper. I don't know why. Most of my color washed away when I rinsed the marbled paper.

      My carrageenan ended up badly contaminated and I gave up after 3 tries. I still have some clean carrageenan, and I thought I would experiment a little more tomorrow with the acrylics - to see if I can find a good mixture to float. Is there a good/best mixture (recipe) for acrylic paints? Would it be better to try oils?


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