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6909Re: New to marbling with a few questions

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  • xcskimom
    Nov 5, 2012
      I tried the suminigashi with plain water and I really didn't like the results - too light! The colors were far more vibrant (those that worked) on the size. Weird.

      We're having a lot of fun experimenting. I have decided that rinsing paper is basically a terrible idea, and I've just stood there and let as much as I could run off the paper and then just let it dry. No adverse effects. However, I can see this would not be a great strategy on fabric.

      Thanks for the tips! I will pick up some photo-flo one of these days.

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, George Reynolds <georger1998@...> wrote:
      > If you are doing suminagashi then plain water is the way to go although you might try an experiment with distilled water and see if make a difference. I think the different results people report may have to do with how hard or soft the water is but I don't have any data to back this up.
      > As for acrylics you will need a size and and something to help the paint float although not necessarily for every color. There are many options here but the ones I have tried that work for me are
      > - Photoflo available from the web like Amazon or photo/darkroom supply stores.
      > - Fabric Medium from Golden which I really like and is best for scarves.
      > - Gel Medium also from Golden.
      > In every case you need to mix any of these with water and mix until the consistency is like whole milk or even lighter. I find that letting the mixture sit for a day really helps to let all the air bibles dissipate. This makes for much better spreading.
      > The most time consuming one is Photoflo to figure out since every color seems to require a different amount. I mix all the colors with water and let them sit for a day and then slowly add drops to each color and try it on the size until it behaves like I want. Note also even if a color does not sink by itself it may behave very differently when dropped on another color with more or less Photoflo. Yes it's a bit like juggling 10 balls at a time. Well ok it's not that hard but it does take time.
      > The Mediums are much more consistent - I use 60 acrylic to 40 medium plus water until the consistency is what you want. Add a little water until it flows the way you want. The use of medium will affect the feel of fabric when you are done and does require thorough rinsing.
      > Finally Galen Berry sells good supplies and in particular trays that provide an easy way to use a rinsing board. See his web site: www.marbleart.us
      > George
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