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6901New to marbling with a few questions

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  • xcskimom
    Oct 26, 2012
      Hi - I just spent the morning marbling paper with children - a great experiment with many beautiful results.

      We used a size made with carrageenan, and suminagashi paints that came in a kit. A couple of the colors sank, a couple spread too much...I know there are ways of dealing with those but I don't know much about them - and didn't have any dispersant or whatever the stuff is that you add to make the color spread more slowly. Oddly, the black ink did something really strange - it was the only color that didn't stick to the paper - instead it would just run off with the excess size, making a mess.

      My main question is about rinsing the size - I tried using a tray and just swishing the paper back and forth in it, but the size wasn't rinsing off. Putting it under a gentle stream of water in the sink was disastrous - which I knew would happen. Now I'm just letting everything dry on screens with the size still on it. Should I rinse after the paper dries, or not at all? Is there a better way I haven't found?

      The other question - we were using strips of news paper to clean the size, with mixed results. There was almost always a residue of paint that just would not come off. And now that we're done, there is quite a bit in the pans that I don't know what to do about - will it sink and separate if I just leave it? I tried using extra papers just to absorb it all but it didn't really work. All the ink that sank is still there, too, and I'd like to reuse the size but in the meantime I thought I'd pour it out of the pans into gallon containers - but I'd prefer to only keep the clean stuff and not the old inks. Any tips and hints are greatly appreciated.

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