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6896Re: Troubleshooting size problems

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  • Sue Cole
    Oct 25, 2012
      it sounds l like you are not rinsing it out. I have two buckets beside my
      tank and rinse the scarves with a swishing motion like a washing machine in
      first one bucket, then the other to get the excess size and paint out, then
      hang them to dry on a rack that I made or you can use an old fashioned
      diaper drying rack or something. Then I wash them in the washer in a
      short, gentle cycle with a small amount of unscented fabric rinse, then dry
      them in the dryer with towels to heat set them, then iron them with a small
      amount of spray on size to restore the "new" feeling. The always feel soft
      this way.

      the towels help to keep them from tangling.


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