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6868Re: [Marbling] Golden OPEN versus Fluid Acrylics

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  • carylhanc@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2012
      Hi, Jake, et al,

      I have not tried them, but have a small sample tube somewhere. In a Golden demo I saw about a year ago, the demonstrator put lines of Heavy bodies, Fluids, and the Open on a canvas and periodically ran a craft stick (or perhaps her finger) through them. As you might expect, the fluids dried first, next the heavy bodies, finally the Opens, which were still smearing some 40+ minutes later. While this would solve the problem of some hues crazing, it would seem to require great care in handling papers after marbling, and certainly fabrics. I will be getting my trays out soon, and will post.

      Along the same vein, Pebeo has two new lines of acrylics out: Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prism, that according to their literature give special effects. I have small sets of those as well, awaiting trail. Has anyone played with these?
      Best wishes for floating colors!
      Caryl Hancock, Indianapolis

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      Just curious, but has anyone here tried using Golden's OPEN acrylics for paper and/or fabric marbling? If so, how do they compare to their Fluid Acrylics?


      Jake Benson

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