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6864fix for scarves

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  • Sue Cole
    Sep 28 12:27 PM
      Gretchen, your comment came across as pretty negative.

      Maybe I shouldn't have said I didn't like my scarves, I'm just pickier
      than some people. The dyed ones came out well enough that I plan to keep
      doing them that way. My scarves sell very well and I wouldn't put any out
      that I thought were "ugly". I did fabric, but wasn't able to sell it, so I
      switched to scarves and have been doing them for about 5 years.

      Pre-dyed scarves are much more expensive to buy, which is why I dye my own
      as a separate offereing than marbling. This is the first time I have
      combined the two. The only ones I didn't have success with were the
      pre-dyed black ones. When I marbled them, you could barely see the
      marbling, so I had to hand paint them with metallic paints to sell them.

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