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6861Re: [Marbling] good fix for problem scarves

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  • gretchen vansant
    Sep 27, 2012
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      Marbling takes practice period. Doing paper or fabric,glass or wood. Its figuring out your formula and working with it over and over. I think its a waste to work with scarves per say. Work with fabric, I have some I like more than others, I make those into different things. Trying to sell over done premade scarves is a waste of time and money. Don't get me wrong that peice you think is ugly someone else will love. But like a fine canvas artist its the quality not quantity...it takes practice practice practice with the formula that YOU work out,,, not all suggestions here are gonna work for everybody.

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      Sue, Thanks for your encouraging hints. I am very frustrated with marbling scarves. It is very difficult. That's probably why I don't see many artists doing it here in Pittsburgh. I think I stick with paper.


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      Some of you may already have done this, but I had marbled some scarves that
      came out to pale and I figured i had nothing to lose, so I dyed them and
      they turned out great. I did some with Procion Dyes and I did some with
      Jacquard Silk Dye, green label in the microwave. I didn't have a huge
      amount of them. The other thing I've done is to overmarble them, but I had
      already put the scarf tank up.

      I have also done the reverse. Dyed some with Procion and didn't like them,
      so I marbled them and those turned out great also.

      Just passing it on,

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