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6780Re: methyl cellulose

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  • Aaron Salik
    Aug 20, 2012
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      Thank you everyone for the information gathered thus far.

      I am not a marbler, and rely on groups just like this to educate myself and
      improve our business and products offered. I would never take offense to
      any of the statements said; I learned a tremendous amount from them.

      It is interesting and unfortunate that most people don't know the actual
      product they are using, nor that their suppliers disclose what they are
      selling. The methyl cellulose we sell is cold water dispersable, but the
      viscosity will require a greater amount to be used compared to the Dow J75M-S
      that you reference, so the cost savings is indeed not as great as it seems.
      I would consider carrying this product if there is demand, but would like
      to know what the audience is that uses HPMC vs carageenan.

      Aaron Salik

      330 Morgan Ave
      Brooklyn NY 11211
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      212-219-0735 Fax

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