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678Bubbling on marbled handmade papers

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  • sixshort@yahoo.com.au
    Aug 20 7:26 AM
      I have tried a number of handmade papers of different weights, some
      machine-made "handmade", others Indian pure cotton, traditionally
      handmade. When marbled with watercolour paints, all of these papers
      form bubbles. The only partial success has occurred when Suminagashi,
      with Buko Undo and Chinese black inks are used, and when Spanish
      marbling technique is used. I have tried soaking the papers in hot
      water before aluming, wet them with methylated apirits,and with
      diluted "Morning Fresh" washing up detergent - all of these to
      release the bubbles and allow the paper to be uniformly dampened.
      Any ideas? Thanks for all the feedback on finishing papers. I use
      Colophon watercolor paints, and find that some of the colour is
      removed if the papers are wet. I want my customers to get papers that
      will stand up to some use and not be easily damaged ( for example,
      when used to cover books) That is why I am asking questions about
      finishes. Joan Ajala