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6771methyl cellulose

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  • Sue Cole
    Aug 17, 2012
      to add to this thread. In Talas's directions, it says to use 1/2 cup of
      powder to 1 gallon of water and let it stand overnight to make a thick
      solution and does not need ammonia or vinegar.. This is similar to to
      another mc which I use from
      *and the HEC is from:*
      *phone/fax** * 425.372.9091
      *toll free** * 800.485.9569 x1

      *email* *jon.madden@... *

      Orders can be placed through Customer Solutions at (800)485-9569 ext. 1,
      faxed to (425)378-8675, or e-mailed to orders@...<sales@...>

      *CELLOSIZE QP 4400H hydroxyethyl cellulose.pdf*
      47K View<https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=e2b74b940c&view=gvatt&th=125a3bf3398a0b73&attid=0.1&disp=attd&mime=application/pdf&zw>

      But I found that it's like comparing apples to oranges. I looked at the
      MSDS sheets for both Talas and Roger George and they are different
      formulations of mc - however, neither one needs ammonia or viegar to
      activate them.

      Roger George Rentals is a movie effects company and they use it for making
      slime, so that if the actors get it in their mouths, it doesn't bother
      them. from my notes:

      *Has good prices and 3 pounds will fit exactly into a flat rate mailing box.
      Does not need ammonia. Mix with hot water first, then cold water and let
      sit overnight to thicken. I have been using 5-6 Tbsp per gallon and mixing
      it into a smaller amount of hot water with a hand held stick blender first,
      then adding the rest of the water and re-stirring. *


      *I talked them into shipping it in plastic bags instead of the jars to cut
      down on the shipping price. I have that and Dharm'as in jars side by side
      and Dharma's seems to be a fluffier powder.*


      *The HEC is used by two large scale marbling friends and it is sold in 20
      to 50# lots and does use ammonia and vinegar to activate it. This is one
      friend's instructions for large batches:*


      *I make twelve gallon batches and use three cups of HEC powder, (a
      different formulation of cellulose powder) stirred with a whisk. I try to
      remember to fill the bucket the night before so it can be room temperature
      by morning. Then I try to estimate one film can full of ammonia, but I
      think I really use more. (seriously, this is how I was taught!) Then I try
      to add the same amount of vinegar to neutralize it. *

      *I have used both the Roger George and the Dharma and both seem to be the
      same after mixing. They do not spoil and I have mixed both thicker to use
      for paste paper effects also.*

      *So far, I have been having good luck with the guar gum also. I get it at
      the health food store and use 1 tablespoon to one gallon of water.*

      *I'm a research person and keep my notes in a Word document.*

      *I'm not a good enough math person so far to figure out if it's cheaper to
      use mc over carageen. I started using the mc in a class that I took and
      also switched to using it in the summer when it's hot here because the
      carageen goes bad quickly. I save the carageen for paper.*

      I mix the cargeen in a blender, then pour it into gallon containers and use
      a hand held "stick" blender for the mc and mix it directly in the gallon
      jars, then later stir it with a whisk.

      I also use the mc for bookbinding along with pva glue

      Hope some of this helps,


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