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6765Re: methyl cellulose

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  • Aaron Salik
    Aug 16 7:53 AM
      Hi Iris,

      It does not. We have plenty of people that purchase this for marbling, but
      I am unsure what proportions they use.

      In the wide world of methyl cellulose, what defines the different types is
      viscosity. Unlike our competitors, we actually disclose what we sell and
      this is 2000 cPs at 2% in water. Do you know what viscosity it is that
      others are selling? This would be helpful to form a baseline comparison
      for mixing.

      Iris: I would also be happy to send you some at no charge so you can test
      it and share the recipe for the greater benefit of the group.

      Aaron Salik

      330 Morgan Ave
      Brooklyn NY 11211
      212-219-0770 Phone
      212-219-0735 Fax

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