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6748Re: Need Help / inks

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  • Bill Colvard
    Aug 5, 2012
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      as terminology is a subject of foremost interest for me (we need to make
      sure that we mean the same thing when we use the same word or confusion
      will be even bigger as it is now): there is no such thing as oil inks.
      Either it's oil, or it's inks. Inks are aquaeous. So it's oil paints, or
      either inks. Precision is very helpful.


      I admit I know very little about oils and nothing about ink but the
      ladies in the video, (Georgie Sharp and Melva Waterman) definitely say
      that they use "oil-based inks because they're brighter." I have watched
      closely but I can't see the brand.


      I again thank the people on this list who helped reconnect me to this
      video and these great marblers.

      I found at least one source for oil based inks


      So I am confused now. Why can inks not be oil based? And what are these
      things being sold as oil-based inks? And most importantly, what are
      these great ladies using? Because I want to try it.

      Bill Colvard
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