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  • D or Jer Guffey
    Jul 31, 2012
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      Just to prove we all do what works best for us, I mix my caragheean first thing in the morning with cool tap water and an emersion blender. By the time I've set up my table, mixed my paints and get out all of my rakes and combs, the size is ready to marble. The emersion (hand held) blender removes all the lumps. My only problem is waiting for my garage to warm up to 60 degrees F. before marbling. If my paint is sinking, it is because the area is too cool. I make the size slightly thicker than needed so I can add some hot water to the bath to bring it to the right consistency and also helps with my cooler working area.


      From: irisnevins
      Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 8:40 PM
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      Subject: Re: Re: [Marbling] My question

      While I understand many like to use cold water to blend, and the 24 hour waiting period, and it works for them, I wouldn't think of it as a "rule". If I let mine sit that long it is often weakened, esp. in summer, even using cold water. It depends on lots of things, some too subtle to ever understand. I like to do mine 12-17 hours ahead these days, and with hot water. For example, last night I made the size up ...1 TBS blended with two quarts of hot tap water.... not from a water softener, which can wreck things. Or use a quart, add another quart. The second can be cold or hot, as long as the lumps are pretty much out. Any small ones will dissolve overnight. I blended it at about 6:00PM, all hot water, very hard tap water, and marbled about 10:00AM quite successfully matching about 30 papers with no trouble at all.

      All I am saying, if cold water/24 hours works for you, do it, if four hours works, do that. Having never been taught to marble, I used to actually get up about 7:00AM, blend it well with all hot tap water, very hard water, and marble on a still warm size at about 9:00AM. I was even still picking out a lump here and there but it worked anyway, great fine lines.

      With marbling, at times, all the "rules" fly out the window and what worked one day doesn't work the next. Winging it for each marbling day, along a few guidelines, and being adaptable, that seems to work for many of us. I have been at it over 34 years, as my main livelihood as well, and it usually works just fine, though there are some really rotten marbling days here and there. We just accept that sometimes you just dump it all and start over the next day, do the same exact things and it decides to work!

      If you use cold water, perhaps then a longer wait time is needed, though I have done it in 12 hours, but a lot may depend on water chemistry as well, things that are too deep for my brain to start analyzing! When I first started, 1978, we had to boil the dried seaweed and strain it forever. So I never thought to use anything but hot water since. I have tried a few times with cold and a longer wait period, but think hot water blending works better. For me anyway. Lots of different things can work in marbling. Try everything, until you find what works for you. We all have slightly different ways and it's great we can present them here.

      Iris Nevins

      On 07/31/12, Cynthia Eaton<cre8ton@...> wrote:

      I think that your carrageenan recipe might need changing. I use 22 cc
      carrageenan powder, to 3.78 liters cold water. Mixed with an electric
      blender for 60 seconds. I do this by mixing about 30% of the water with the
      22 cc carrageenan, then after that is well blended I combine it with the
      remaining water. then let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours.

      I think it is important to let the carrageenan age for 24 hours so each
      particle absorbs the maximum amount if water possible. The size should be
      smooth with no lumps, it will be thin and pour easily.

      Good luck.

      On Jul 31, 2012 6:44 PM, "woshidaawu" <woshidaawu@...> wrote:
      > In the past few days, I was so busy that have no time on the Internet.I
      continue to do experiment under the help of everyone.But I failed again.I
      decided to reconfigure the carrageenan.Determine the the carrageenan
      correct first, and then study the color.
      > 20cc Carrageenan+1200ml water �� Stir �� +500ml �� Stir �� Put it in the
      fridge for four hours.
      > Is this right��

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