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673[Marbling] Waxing papers

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  • irisnevins
    Aug 19 4:37 AM
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      I generally do not finish my papers in any way, as I get hardly any
      offsetting or "rub-off" at all. If I want to polish them, I lightly glide a
      bar of parrafin wax (the kind for sealing jelly jars) over, or a candle can
      be used. Just enough to allow a burnisher to glide without tearing the

      I use a small rectangular agate, about 2.5" X 3.5" and 1/4" thin, with
      rounded corners as a burnisher that fits in the palm of my hand. You rub
      this on a hard surface as hard as you can until you bring up a shine. I
      wouldn't do a whole sheet, just enough needed for the book or whatever.
      Very hard work.

      Iris Nevins
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