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6680Re: [Marbling] Re: Beginner questions

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  • irisnevins
    Jun 2, 2012
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      PS....on distilled water... I never use it except in paint making. Never for size. I have the world's hardest water. No problem. I did a comparison, using rain water, distilled water and my tap water and the tap water was actually best. Salt from water softeners however can kill marbling. Really bothers the paints. Maybe distilled is better for others, but I will never lug it more than I need to for making paint. For marbling fabric the tray is pretty large, that's a lot of distilled water. I'd say try without, and see if if works, save lugging and money.

      When a handful of us were marbling first in the 70s, we knew nothing really about using distilled water and it worked anyway. Maybe distilled worked better for some, but I never found it worked any better for me. Not sure what Diane's book says, if she recommends it, maybe it just works better than her tap water. I'd say do a trial without and then another with. You may save lugging and cost.

      Iris Nevins
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