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  • Barb
    Jun 2, 2012
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      Welcome to the wonderful world of marbling!

      First off, you have a fantastic reference book, one of my favorites! Secondly, there are as many different ways to marble and marbling preferences as there are marblers so I always advise people to just jump in and tweak along the way. What works for one marbler and his/her particular environment, may not work for another. That being said, I'll answer your questions based on how I marble on fabric.

      1) I wash everything in Synthrapol before I marble it. I don't use my regular laundry detergent (which is eco-friendly, not Tide or anything like that) as I'm not confident that it removes size the way it should. So to eliminate any worries and give me peace of mind, I use Synthrapol. A little goes a long way and it's cheap.

      3)I use both Golden Fluid and Liquitex soft body paints. Love 'em. They never fail me. Paints are a very personal choice for the marbler and you will get lots of feedback on this one. Experiment and find out what you like best.

      4) I use Photo-flo if I'm having a problem with paints not spreading...but that's a rare issue for me (perhaps because I'm using the high-quality artist brand paints?). I usually use Photo-flo more for artistic effect. I've never tried Versatex so I can't comment on its performance. Some folks use Golden's acrylic flow release when using Golden's paints to help them spread. Again, I never have to.

      5) Your bath, paints, and distilled water should ALWAYS be the same temp. I never store my bath in the fridge because I either make just enough for my needs or I use it up before it goes bad. But I marble every day...if you're just a weekend marbler and want to save your bath from one weekend to the next, putting it in the fridge may give you some extended shelf life. I'm sure there are marblers out there with a better working knowledge about this.

      6) Your trays, tools, etc. should just be rinsed/cleaned in regular water, no soap. Ever.

      Best of luck in your adventure...and most importantly, have lots of fun doing this with your daughter!

      Barb Skoog

      --- In Marbling@yahoogroups.com, "jardiniere22" <song.sparrow.receiving@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I am new to the group. My daughter and I want to try our hands at marbling, and plan to marble silk scarves with acrylic paints on carrageenan size for our first project. I've borrowed the book "The Ultimate Marbling Handbook" by Diane Maurer-Mathison to help us.
      > I am getting ready to purchase materials, and I had some questions:
      > 1. I am planning on purchasing the silk scarves from Dharma Trading. In the book, it says that "Silk may also contain sericin, a natural gum formed in the silk-making process. A product called Synthrapol can be used to wash out any sericin prior to marbling." For those of you who have used silk scarves from Dharma Trading, do I need to wash them in Synthrapol, or is this not necessary?
      > 2. When I wash the silk scarves prior to treating them with alum, do I need to use a synthetic laundry detergent, or is it OK to use my homemade laundry soap which is made from soap?
      > 3. I am considering using either Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics or Jacquard Textile Colors. Is one preferable to the other?
      > 4. The book recommends using Photo-Flo if colors won't flow. Dharma Trading sells Versatex. Is one preferable to the other?
      > 5. Should I store the carrageenan size in the refrigerator when I am not using it, and bring it to room temperature before using?
      > 6. Should I clean up my trays and combs only with water? I shouldn't use soap for clean up, correct?
      > Thanks for any advice!
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