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6665Re: More polishing tips

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  • anthonianthonianthoni
    May 13, 2012
      I used to glaze my papers using a mix of egg white and alum( I have posted more on this subject in this forum under "Aher" ). you take the white of an egg, and a small, pea sized lump of alum. You beat the egg with the alum till it is all a froth, and let the stuff settle into a liquid overnight, after taking out the alum lump.
      This yields a sort of waterproof coating, which may be burnished to a very high gloss, however, the thing is quite hard to polish, offering much resistance. Against the burnsiher. It is also easy to ruin the mix, by adding too much alum. The alum also needs to be in The form of a CRYSTAL , not in powder form. If you use powdered alum, you only need to add a few grains.

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