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6592Papier Royal Marbled paper story

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  • Papier-Royal
    Mar 11, 2012
      Dear Sirs

      I read your comments on my page of the History of marbled paper. Perhaps you should investigate the issue better. I am a librarian and this information can be found in books that you totally ignored the existence.
      I worked for 2 years at the IL PAPIRO of Corso Cavour in Florence in the late 70's, so, believe me,I do not have much to learn from anyone and I had good teachers and expert about the marbled paper world.

      I talk in Story page of my site, mostly,about combed patterns: pavoni, archetti ( peacoks, nonpareil ) marbled papers used by Macè Ruette

      The processing used to decorate this hand marbled paper, was discovered and adopted in the XVII cen. by Macè Ruette, bookbinder of the Court of King Louis XIII of France, following the Ruette was lifted, officially, to the rank of "Relieur du Roi".

      The materials used are the same as in 1600
      Carragheen moss seaweed, powdered and boiled.
      The colors are made with natural indelible pigments
      that don't require pre-treatment paper with alum.
      Fabriano paper or Fedrigoni pH neutral (acid free) g / 100-115 sqm

      there are many secrets not yet revealed
      so many marblers still continue to use the alum

      regards Vito



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