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  • Carol Pratt
    Mar 8, 2012
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      John, this happened to me once, several years ago. My email address was
      "pirated", and for some while messages were sent to the list in my name,
      even appearing to be sent from my computer. The listowner understood what
      was happening, and apologized as he "removed" me from the active group, not
      allowing me to post at all until the problem rectified itself. Took about
      a month before the issue went away. In the meanwhile, however, I could
      continue to receive postings that others made, but I could not reply. And
      subsequently, it happened to the listowner, as well.

      The same thing happened just recently to the email of a friend of mine, who
      had died the week before. Obviously, "her" posts were bogus, and the
      listowner took appropriate steps.

      I suspect the "offending group member" is innocent, but she could get
      another email address and rejoin.

      Carol Pratt
      Co. Kerry

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