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  • fritzmiklaf@bezeqint.net
    Mar 2, 2012

      I tend to agree with you about the naming of patterns. It's like the naming
      of typefaces. Someone changes a little curve of one letter and claims it as
      a new face with a new name. There are so many tiny variations of every
      pattern that it would be impossible to catalogue them all. Phoebe Easton's
      book tried to pin them down, without success I felt, but that was before
      everybody and his or her brother or sister started marbling and inventing
      new patterns. I like the idea of playing with the names for fun, but they
      shouldn't be taken too seriously. I think NJ Ripple sounds like a flavour of
      Baskin Robbins ice cream.

      Actually I don't like the name marbled paper either, but I can't come up
      with a better alternative (water prints?) and no one would agree with me



      Yehuda Miklaf


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