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  • Antonio Velez Celemín
    Feb 18, 2012
      It's very well explained, Iris.

      The only problem is not to get dampness in the book, and using clamps and
      giving time to dry the books, solve the question. Painting will never stain
      the interior of the book because there's only a thin layer on the surface
      of the bath, unable to get inside the book. So, as I said, dampness is the
      only problem to take care.


      2012/2/18 irisnevins <irisnevins@...>

      > **
      > Do you clamp the books between boards first before aluming? I usually will
      > take a few, they are unbound and unrounded. Cut two boards, at least 1/4"
      > think ply is what I use, clamps at top and bottom of spine end, in about
      > halfway through. I lightly damp alum, them blot with paper towels a bit. It
      > should not be able to cockle when clamped. Dry overnight. Us the clamps as
      > handles to dip the three marbled sides. No rinsing, blot lightly with
      > absorbent paper towel, but not enough to remove the color.
      > You can remove the boards and clamps so to use again, say if you are edge
      > marbling a whole edition of many. I stick them under heavy boards with
      > bricks on top. I put waxed paper between each book in the stack. All are
      > fine and dry and not cockled by morning.
      > Very Tricky....and people wonder why I charge the same as per sheet! I
      > should actually charge MORE! It's much more complicated than paper!
      > Iris Nevins
      > www.marblingpaper.com
      > On 02/17/12, anthonianthonianthoni<anthonianthonianthoni@...> wrote:
      > I have been attempting to marble the edges of books recently , and have
      > been faced with this problem; whenever I apply the alum, the pages cockle
      > violently, and they curl even more so when dipped into the bath. As a
      > result, the text block has a most unsighlty appearence when finished.
      > is there any solution to this?
      > Anthony
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