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  • irisnevins
    Feb 16, 2012
      There have been times I have to alum damp. Like when I run out of paper or need to marble in a hurry. I stull use my back to back hanging method, do one row of eight sets, then another. By the time the 2nd row is done I lay down the first row, replace the first row, then lay down the 2nd. etc. I have a binders board at top and bottom. I lay them down back to back as well, but take the bottom sheet and move it to the top so there is a back of a sheet facing each binder board. No buckle, but some will, depends on the papers. I avoid bucklers. I have some with Ingres (old stock that used to marble) and those raggy feeling papers. With the smooth wove papers, generally never an issue. You just can't lay them down wet without risking buckling, I at least semi dry. I imagine in your climate you might want to make shorter rows if you do this, Yehuda! On the line too long you may get curling at the bottom. I find the back to back counteracts that to a great degree though. You could also put clothespins at the bottom corners to stop that. I don't bother, I am too lazy a marbler, always looking for the easiest fastest way!

      On 02/16/12, fritzmiklaf@... wrote:

      How you keep your papers depends a lot on whether you want them bone dry or
      with a bit of moisture. I prefer the latter since I find that it helps them
      go down smoothly. Someday I want to visit one of you who uses dry papers and
      see how it's done. For me it seems to get creases and pick up air bubbles.

      I have several sheets of plywood with a layer of binders board on either
      side. I gave them a light coat of varnish years ago so they don't take all
      the moisture out of the paper but leave just enough. I stack the sheets alum
      side to alum side but I put 8 or 10 sheets between each sheet of plywood. I
      used to put some weights on the top but now I have a press big enough so I
      leave them in it overnight.

      When I gave a workshop recently we used sheets of binders board only, and
      that worked fine.

      Yehuda Miklaf


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