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6339Re: [Marbling] Iris and pigments

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  • kathryn fanelli
    Dec 11, 2011
      I've had the same problem with Golden's Carbon Black. You can add a small amount of Titanium White and the problem disappears. If having a charcoal black is okay. Phoning Golden is also possible, they have staff who marble!

      From: Sue Cole <akartisan@...>
      To: marbling <Marbling@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 7:27 PM
      Subject: [Marbling] Iris and pigments

      I AM one of the stubborn ones and have experimented a great deal with
      different pigments and sufactants. The paint I had the most trouble with
      was Golden's "Carbon Black" It would bleed as soon as it was lifted out of
      the tank - never did solve that problem, so quit using it. The main colors
      I have not been able to get to work are metallics - they all sink no matter
      how thin I mix them. For help in making the paints float, I use Photo Flo
      sometimes, Golden's Acrylic Flow Release sometimes and/or a pint
      conditioner for latex paint like Floetrol or Paint Easy which I found at
      Wal Mart. I have even used Jet Dri like you use for dishwashers
      sometimes. Sometimes, some pigments done't need anything. I always test
      them in a corner of the tank first with just water, then go from there.

      I have done Suminagashi with inks and water, watercolor pigments with ox
      gall, oil tube paints and the little bottles of Testors enamel paints that
      you use on model cars and even fingernail polish on water for marbling.
      However, the last 3 were too smelly for I mostly stick to the acrylics.

      Most of the time, I mix the acrylic paint in a 12 oz plastic cup and use a
      bundle of plastic broomstraw tied with a rubber band for a brush. I get
      the broomstraw from either Galen Berry or Volcano Arts. It's a black
      plastic with "brushy" ends and they sell it by the bundle. It's about 6?
      long. then when I quit for a couple of days, I have lids that fit on the
      cups or I transfer the paint to squeeze bottles. I found out by accident
      when teaching painting that fabric softener will dissolve acrylics, so I
      soak the bruahes in fabric softener and water for a day or so then clean
      them out when I am taking a break from marbling, like now. I am too cheap
      to throw them away.

      The squeeze bottles with covers for the tips I found at MIchaels in the
      cake decorating section. You get a round tub of 18 4 oz bottles for $16,
      at least that is the price here. I use the squeeze bottles when i am
      demonstrating in public because they are not as messy as the broomstraw

      It's also like someone said "the time of the moon" -one day everything is
      going great and another almost nothing will work.

      The problem I would most like to solve is having the paints sink which
      causes a lot of waste. I will try mixing them thinner and see if that
      makes a difference.

      I will see if I can up load some photos a friend took of me doing scarves
      into my album on here under akartisan.


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