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6334Re: [Marbling] Re: Napkins as surface pick up

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  • Deluwiel Xox
    Dec 11, 2011
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      using napkins or paper towels to get the gunk up from around the edges makes sense.  Iris - I liked how nice the squeeze bottles worked to apply the paint.  I'm a novice (about a year) marbler working on silk.  Started with whisks for my scarf tank (22x74") but found I'm happier using those for a smaller surface.  I have been using eyedroppers for the big tank but I think those bottles would do the trick and get a much nicer sort of mottled stone pattern.  Definitely will give it a try!  Always up for experimenting and seeing what happens - that's why I'm loving marbling.  I'm using Golden acrylics on methocel and getting pretty good results (as seen in my photo album http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Marbling/photos/album/312079576/pic/list).  Looking forward to more videos, Iris.  Being a visual learner I can read something 100 times and not quite get it, but show me once and the light bulb goes on!  Wish I could be a little shadow in some of
      your studios to watch and learn, but the first-hand tips and advice from the members in this group is the next best thing.

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      As shown in the video, plastic whisk brooms, cut apart, tie with a rubber band. They never mold like the corn broom. Mine has lasted over 20 years now I think, several have, just never replace them. I depart from my image of being "traditional" here, and with the plastic squeeze bottles. I can imagine a marbler time traveller from the past landing in my studio and wanting to bring some of this cool plastic stuff back. And a blender for sure!!
      Iris Nevins
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      Hi Marblers
      I use chinet napkins at this time they were half off the regular price so
      it was a better napkin than the cheaper perforated ones,which work as well
      but are not as strong as the paper like ones. I used to use news paper to
      pick up the left over trash on the size but I have found that the news
      print somehow seems to mess up the perfect clean slate needed to start a
      new design.I start new with every marble as some like to leave color on the
      size to help save the amount of the color applied.It may seem wasteful but
      what happens is a perfect all new print vs one that has flaws of spreading
      or trash from before.
      This is the current observation and I am curious to how others skim or
      clean the surface?
      I am also experimenting with making wisks and wonder if others would like
      to share whisk making technics. Usually using the broom corn as the brush
      here so it can be standard but are there ways to make them unique getting
      better lay outs?
      Happy Marbling

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