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624American Marblers/Fine Art

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  • milena@interaccess.com
    Jun 18, 2001
      "American Marblers: Masters of Tradition & Innovation"-slide lecture to
      be given at Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts in
      October, 2001. Seeking several slides of fine art images (see previous
      message) to complete a focused view of marbling created for book arts,
      graphics and fine art paintings from the USA. I do not need additional
      marbled pattern examples, and prefer unique, project oriented slides
      such as completed commissions. Please contact me personally by email.

      (For those of you who do not know of me....I have been a professional
      marbler for eighteen years...founded a resource center for marbling
      at the Noyes Cultural Center In Evanston, IL; then moved back to a
      private studio to create my own marbled visions....over twenty
      exhibitions, including the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries of the Art
      Institute of Chicago, the Dutch Royal Library, Winter Olympics Cultural
      Ex.in Nagano, Japan. Most work is of a commercial nature with
      clientele in the USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa. I have taught
      workshops at Barat, St. Mary's and Columbia Colleges, plus various art
      centers and private instruction. I have again been invited to be a
      presenter(San Francisco, Baltimore)-at the Arrowmont 2002 gathering.
      I've tried to leave the technique of water painting...but the MUSE
      is glued to my shoulder and refuses to move!)

      Milena-the Maverick Marbler from the Midwest